Welcome to R&B Tea

Welcome to RB Tea Room

A popular Tea Brand with over 500 stores in many countries around Asia, now entering the States. 

The first R&B tea room will be opened in Orange County, California.

No. 23

Our Oolong tea is brewed with tea leaves from Taiwan & Fujian. The leaves are grown on the latitude of 23 Degrees on the mountains in Taiwan, the constant temperature of the forest raises the best tea trees. Thus we name it as “No.23 OoLong Tea"

Drink as Culture

The meaning of “Tea” can be varied as the history of tea has been around the world for thousands of years. To you, it could be just tea as a drink or a refreshment of elders. To some people, it could be a habit of caffein instant consumption. But to us at R&B, you can enjoy the truly “motivation of the day” though out the fruit tea's diversity. 

Menu / Price List

All drinks exclude topping and include caffeine



R&B Tea Garden Grove

9732 Garden Grove Blvd, Unit 6 Garden Grove, California


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R&B Tea Bolsa

9547 Bolsa Avenue, Suite A, Westminster, California 92683, United States



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